Expert Electric Fence Installation Specialists

Specialist electric fence installers have the skills and expertise to install an electric fence quickly and efficiently. They are also trained to ensure the quality of the work and that it complies with industry standards. A qualified electrician or fencing contractor who specialises in installing electric fences can expect to earn between $48 and $1,200 per day. This includes their labor costs, materials and other expenses.

A professional fence installer can offer an estimate based on the number of linear feet your project will require. This includes the cost of all electrical components, including the energizer, wiring and poles. Other factors that affect the price of an electric fence include the type of fencing and whether or not you will need gates or other features.

You can also add on extras specialist electric fence installers like a remote control, gate locks or other accessories to increase the price of your electric fence. These additional costs will have a significant impact on the overall installation cost. Lastly, you may need to rent equipment like trenchers or wire tensioners to complete the job.

To begin, you need to choose the right location for your fence and mark out the perimeter with flags or paint. Next, dig holes for your end and corner posts using a post hole digger. After digging, position the posts and affix them with insulators and tensioners to keep the wires secure. Once all the wires are in place, you can connect them to your energizer and test it with a volt meter. It is recommended that you use a volt meter manufactured by the same manufacturer as your energizer. You will need to bury one ground rod for every output joule of your energizer.

After your electric fence is in place, you should walk it on a regular basis to inspect it for signs of damage or broken insulators. A regular check of the voltage is also recommended to prevent signal issues, such as vegetation build-up or moisture leeching that can cause low current readings.

Many do-it-yourself electric fence kits do not come with warranties that cover damages or repairs, so you’ll have to shoulder the burden of any unforeseen problems yourself. On the other hand, a professionally installed electric dog fence can be covered by an extended warranty that provides peace of mind and protection from costly repair bills down the road. Plus, a local representative will be on hand to help you diagnose and fix issues that arise, as well as provide advice on how best to train your pet and maintain your boundary wire. This is an important consideration that can make all the difference in the long-term success of your pet containment solution.